Over the last 15 years or so I’ve gained valuable experience and expertise as a startup founder, talent agent, facilitator, producer and consultant.

Or to put it another way, I don’t think many people have closely guided the careers of globe-trotting creative artists, taken complex B2B software products to market, and also run innovation programs for senior executives at the world’s biggest financial institutions.

These diverse experiences have enabled me to develop a unique perspective and an ability to collect and connect dots that not everyone else sees.

I love harnessing this to help people and companies make breakthroughs and produce great work.

How could we work together?

There are typically four ways:


Workshops are a great way to start working together as they help me understand more about your business, your team, how you work together, where you want to go, and what to overcome to get there.

Workshops vary in flavor depending on your particular situation but tend to focus on broader strategy and roadmapping plus some smaller group, pair and solo exercises to help get insights into specifics.

You can view more here on workshops and education courses I run.

Embedded Product/Program Lead

Most of my consulting projects manifest with me working closely with your team on a project basis to help build, launch and/or scale a particular product or program.

It could be turning a consulting service into a scaleable B2B software product, or designing and delivering a new accelerator program – in either case I work with senior stakeholders to take a look at the big picture, create product scopes, manage budgets, collaborate with creative and technical teams, dive into the details, and deliver fully formed digital products or live experience IP.

Office Hours

This is a way of us working together without the commitment of a more embedded relationship, or the need to build additional structure. Usually it’s a couple of pre-scheduled meetings per month aligned to a clear goal or objective we’ve agreed. Sometimes office hours evolve into a more involved coaching relationship (see below), other times they’re specific business-focused sessions.

In either case it’s an opportunity to have a sounding board, get more clarity on your thinking, and take concrete action steps towards what’s next.


Sometimes a 1:1 or group coaching relationship will be the best way for us to work together. To find out more on what I do as a coach, just jump over here.


Moving ahead

There’s plenty about me on this site, but I welcome you to do some more digging on my background, my values and my way of thinking. I’m happy to provide some references if you like.

Usually compensation is a retainer over time or a fixed project fee. Sometimes I work on equity, or a mix.

It’s important to me that I can work with people from all backgrounds and circumstances – with that in mind I offer a number of pro bono and discounted service options.

If you think we could be a good fit to work together, drop me a line and we can set up a time to talk.

You can email me, give me a call (347-334-2279) or send me a Twitter DM

For coaching inquiries specifically, please fill out this brief form.

I look forward to hearing from you.