Sustainability is a topic that’s got a lot of attention over the past few years.

We know it’s important to create sustainable experiences but what’s the next step we can take?

How could we make the built environment better for our health?

And how does wellness really inform the quality of experiences we have?

New York based research firm Delos have been exploring this theme for nearly a decade, working across sectors including air travel, sports and hospitality to help companies create multi-use spaces that have a genuinely positive effect on our wellbeing.

On the Tickets guest list today is Ross Guttler, VP of business development at Delos.

Over the course of this wide-ranging conversation we got into the future of retail and mixed use space, why IT departments will be running buildings, the science behind productivity, and explorations into the London rave scene at the turn of the millennium.

Episode highlights:

04:15: Ross’s journey from ski slopes to real estate
12:30: What goes into making a building better for our health
20:15: The distinction between wellness and sustainability
25:15: The future of the retail experience and the impact autonomous vehicles
32:00: New uses of real estate and hot topics in the industry