In early 2018 I started a podcast called ‘Tickets’.

Tickets is a podcast series featuring the visionaries, producers and operators behind some of the world’s most exciting and innovative live experiences.

Joining the dots between disciplines and exploring the past, present and future, in season 1 our guests included Airbnb’s head of music experiences, the CEO of Sonar Festival, cutting-edge architects Parc Office, and the creative director of the New York Times’ live division.

For season 2 Tickets is looking at the future of education, and how live experiences and emerging forms of technology and entertainment are changing the ways we learn.

Latest episode:

Some of the questions we seek to answer include:

  • How can immersive learning experiences be delivered at scale?
  • What does the university of the future look like?
  • What can the worlds of education and entertainment learn from each other?
  • Do experts really make great teachers?
  • How will conferences and festivals evolve their learning tracks?
  • Could teachers become the next wave of celebrities?

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