Here are a few projects I’m working on right now.


A podcast series exploring breakthrough ideas in experiences, education, and entertainment. Featuring guests from Airbnb, The New York Times, Sonar Festival, Adobe, SXSW, Duolingo and many more.

(untitled) Workbook

A short and simple workbook to help you survive and thrive on your independent career path – for navigating a route where the answers aren’t clear, resources are scarce, and the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty.

Mount Crescent

Mount Crescent focuses on embedding sustainability into modern business.

We deliver interactive workshops and a curate global learning community.


A gathering for hybrid talent in NYC. A place for misfits, those with non-linear career paths, the people carving their own paths.

Paused Projects


A unique, immersive workshop experience blending entertainment, entrepreneurship, and creativity.


A community of practice for media & entertainment professionals in New York City.