Sometimes we need to look at things through the microscope: the detail, the hidden particles, the connective tissue, the grit, and the friction. It can be surprising just how much is happening in a tiny surface area.

Other times we have to look through the telescope: the bigger picture, the vision we’re working towards. That huge expanse of unknown. We can look on it with wonder, and maybe a little fear.

Switching between these views can be tough.

The same happens when our eyes switch focus between objects that are near and far, or between environments that are dark and light: changing the view quickly causes strange discomfort in our eyes, like a straining muscle trying to realign.

Switch view too much and you’ll lose focus.

Don’t do it enough and you’ll miss what’s out there.

In tomorrow’s world we’ll all need to be able to deftly utilize the microscope and the telescope. One probably won’t be enough.

The Microscope & The Telescope

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