The 2 Voices

The 2 Voices

One of the reasons podcasts have become so popular of late is the intimate connection between the listener and the voices they hear.

Improvements in technology have helped too – a lot of people have marvelled at how Apple’s AirPods elevated their podcast listening experience (I’m still old school with a pair of Sennheiser HD-25 DJ headphones).

As listeners, this connection to others through voice gives us a glimpse (or whatever the auditory equivalent is) into something deeper than many other mediums can provide. Hosts and guests who previously seemed light years away from us suddenly feel extremely close – they’re speaking directly to us. Even with us. We sense we really know them.

But here’s the thing – there are two voices.

There’s one that’s there on the podcast.

And there’s the other that’s out there living life, and doing the work.

Most of us tend to know that people appearing on TV are often portraying a version of themselves; that they’re likely a little different when doing their work day to day, buying toiletries, or taking a holiday.

A podcast can be a far more natural medium, but that doesn’t mean it is natural. 

There are probably still two voices.

We can do two things with this: bear it in mind and perhaps be a little cynical; or suspend our disbelief and be unprepared for potential disappointment.

The choice of voice is ours.

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