Over Indexing

Over Indexing

We all have our tried and trusted go-to methods.

Our go-to frameworks, mental models, and communication styles; our ways of seeing the world and solving problems.

We all over-index here in one way or another. And it’s really easy for us not to not.

Over-indexing has a few meanings and interpretations, but at its simplest is about giving a certain attribute too much prominence.

For example, I find it easy, fun, and powerful to use metaphors when explaining a point or offering my opinion. It’s one of my go-to methods.

But when I over-index on this, and give it too much prominence, it becomes weaker as a tool. I search for metaphors that aren’t there, or stretch them out too far. And there’s a risk of becoming one-dimensional, tired, typecast.

Over-indexing is really about our blindspots, biases, and understanding others’ ways of thinking, processing, and communicating.

It’s worth us taking note of where and when we’re over-indexing, and considering whether we’re still getting the results we seek.

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