Imagine your primary area of focus as a tunnel you’re digging. You may be digging into clay, sand, soil, or rock.

If you have two areas of focus, you’ll have two tunnels.

They may start far away or close together.

Digging two tunnels simultaneously is almost definitely going to be harder than digging just one, but there are factors to consider: the tools at your disposal, the type of earth you’re tunnelling into, some secret tunnelling knowledge you may possess.

The two tunnels could be dug in sync, sit parallel, veer away from each other, or end up converging. They could end up doing all four.

As for where these tunnels go – it’s often hard to say, especially when we’re starting out.

But it’s worth being as sure as we can that there’s light at the end of them, and we have a lamp to guide us as we dig. 

Two Tunnels

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