Regular readers may know two of my favourite podcasts are ’The Moment’ with Brian Koppelman, and Seth Godin’s ’Akimbo’.

Every year or so, the two get together on ‘The Moment’ for a discussion revolving around the themes of showing up in the world and going out and doing creative work.

In one of their episodes, Brian calls Seth ‘a wizard’. [1] 

It’s part of out of awe and respect, but possibly even more out of frustration and exasperation. 

How can mere mortals even imagine being so disciplined, creative, focused, insightful, and concise?

The word ‘wizard’ really hit me.

Magic, mystic, wisdom, mastery. Building hard earned skills, teaching others, able to wield great power but being self-aware enough to act in a judicious and measured manner.

Being a wizard is pretty appealing.

We ourselves may never quite get there, but what are some of the steps along the way?

What does thinking like a wizard do for us? 

And how can we start practising like one?

After all, there’s got to be a source to the sorcery.

[1] I’m not on first name terms with either, but using last names feels so…well, formal. And this blog ain’t formal.

Becoming a wizard

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