Here are couple of simple KPIs for all the teachers, facilitators, and keynote speakers out there.

1. How many times audience members take photos of what’s up on the screen.

2. The slide that get the most snaps.

These sound like strong metrics. 

Or are they? 

Do they in fact play to your ego and pride? Are they vanity metrics? 

And more than that, what if they’re indicating something is not working?

What if the reason the audience is taking photos is because there’s too much information on there for them to process? 

Because it’s too complex to make sense of?

Because you’re speaking too quickly, speaking without passion, using too much jargon, or referencing examples that don’t land with them?

Of course, it could well be your content is clear, insightful, beautifully designed, and just calls out to be recorded by your audience so they can spend more time with it. If so, it’s done its job.

Or perhaps there are some other metrics you could try instead.

KPIs: The slide snap

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