You’ve probably heard people talk about chemistry: in work, in life, in love.

You may hear about it far more in these contexts than in its more traditional setting – as a science.

As a science, chemistry is clear, with specific elements and results.

Then there’s alchemy. It feels the same very similar to chemistry, but it’s not really science. Alchemy is more about culture, philosophy, psychology, magic.

Alchemy can lead to chemistry – more specifically, chemical reactions.

These reactions may be explosive or subtle, gentle or potent. 

The chemical reaction is more likely to be strong when the alchemy isn’t right.

When we’re observing people and their behaviour, we often talk about chemistry.

But we may want to consider the alchemy first.

The alchemist seeks purity in elements, especially those relating to mind, body, soul and spirit.

Alchemy could include creating environments and experiences, seeking values, choosing a group, building a structure. 

The chemistry happens when we add others into the mix.

It’s worth us asking ourselves what our projects need most: alchemy or chemistry.

Alchemy before Chemistry

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