There are some things that once you see, you just can’t un-see. 

Your view of the world changes.

However, you can’t just see these things. 

You have to be personally exposed to them through more than just seeing before you can really see them. 

And it’s important to acknowledge that while you may now really see them, you almost certainly still don’t fully understand them. 

You’re probably just at the start – whether you see these things in the world, in others, or in yourself.

Here are a few of mine: 

  • Privilege
  • Entitlement
  • Our capacity for growth
  • Flailing inside idea maze
  • Where I go when I’m unhealthy (envy and contempt)
  • The challenge that is the mid 30s bulge

What have you seen, and can now never un-see? 

When you see…

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