When I was a talent agent, there’d be a couple of times a year where a client would hit a deep dip straight after a tour. After the zenith, came the nadir.

I never really understood it – until last week.

I spent the week flat-out on an intense project. It had a tight deadline, a challenging scope, and stakeholders in multiple timezones.

On Thursday morning I delivered the work. I was exhausted, but satisfied. Mission accomplished. Some people said some nice things about what I’d done.

I took the next day off. And suddenly, there was the dip. That low feeling after the previous night’s gig. From the zenith to the nadir.

It took me a while to shake. But it’s part of the practice. Dealing with the strange gap in between. When the next thing is still unknown, but that previous tour is instantly history.

The work is as much about finding momentum when it’s quiet, as it is delivering when you’re in the spotlight.

Zenith & Nadir

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