Jerry Seinfeld says writing is the hardest thing in the world. He’s exaggerating, but not all that much. Writing can feel really hard.

Here’s one way to help make it easier.

  • Start chatting to someone you know and trust
  • Get them to ask you some questions
  • Record your responses as a voice memo on your phone
  • Import the file into a transcription app ( and Descript are both worth checking it out)
  • Find the best bits and tweak ‘em as needed (yes, this involves writing, but not too much)
  • Copy, Paste, Publish

That’s about it.

It probably sounds stupid, but this change in my approach to writing has made it feel so much easier to go from the agony of flashing cursor to a published bit.

And yes, this post started as a voice note.

Can't write? Then speak

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