After he’d shot his scenes for the day, Alec Baldwin would retreat to the comforts of his private trailer. He did this for years, until one day another actor asked him something that caught him off-guard.

Wouldn’t he want to be on set for the rest of the day’s action? Why not pull up a chair, be a part of it?

Today, Baldwin doesn’t just hang out far more on set.

Whenever he reads a script that grabs him, he asks himself a simple question. It goes something like this:

“Do I love this script so much I can see myself standing on the set for the entire shoot; being a witness to it all unfolding?”

It’s a great way to frame decision making on all kinds of projects.

Can we see ourselves being on set for the whole production - no matter how it unfolds?

And for some of us: can we resist the temptation of the trailer?

Standing on set

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