Here’s a job description that may be up your street.

In this role you’ll have the chance to work in an ever-changing, dynamic environment. Innovation is part of our DNA. There’s huge opportunity to make a genuine impact - this is a position with real purpose and fulfilment.

The team are incredible - you’ll love your colleagues. Your new boss is full of energy and fresh thinking.

Even better: there’s no interview process, and you’re unlikely to be fired. This job even bucks the trend: join us and you’ve got a job for life (just watch out for headhunters).

There are just a few trade-offs: there’s no onboarding, apprenticeships, pay rises, or vacation time.

This role is not currently available via LinkedIn jobs. No agencies please.

6 weeks ago I landed this job.
And I’ve not been doing especially well.

The shift was incredibly abrupt. Adjustment and acceptance are still an ongoing challenge.

Alongside the elation, excitement and marvel sits inadequacy, overwhelm, and guilt.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m cut out for it. I wonder if I may get fired after all.

But I’ve already learned many things on the job.

One is that I’m not good at writing job descriptions.

Another is I have a lot of respect for the others doing this job of being a parent.

A unique job description

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