Do you have self-doubt? I do, every time I post here. In fact, I reckon self-doubt is one of the biggest challenges people face. But hardly anyone talks about it.

This bit from Sari Azout really nails the issue of self-doubt - and it’s relevant to individuals and projects just as much as early stage companies:

“Self-doubt kills more early stage companies than competition or lack of funding ever will. We talk about companies needing financial capital, but rarely about the importance of emotional capital.
For most people, adjusting their self-image accounts for the difference between giving up and reaching their potential. Want to make the world a better place? Tell someone you believe in them.”

Re-read that last sentence. When was the last time you told someone you believe in them?

This riff is just one gem from over a dozen in the latest edition of her newsletter. Do check it out

P.S. I realized this was such a big problem that we recently evolved Wavetable’s mission from helping people develop skills and access… to developing skills, access and CONFIDENCE.

The thing about self doubt

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