If you’ve ever posted on any social media platform, you run the risk of Audience Capture. But this is not you capturing an audience. It's them capturing you.

“We’re each susceptible to an audience’s hypnosis — to a Pavlovian ping, ding and hit of notification dopamine, or realization that others are available to give us attention, “caring” about us. Our existence is affirmed… 
…In today’s social dilemma, our actions are “seen by all”... yet we never actually see an observer observing. An audience is always out there. Often, we receive a sweet morsel of feedback proving its existence — it conditions us. But always, we’re acting as if we’re watched.”

Those snippets come from an essential new piece by Matt Klein - which also includes 10 strategies to avoid the very real perils of Audience Capture.

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The perils of Audience Capture

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