The topic of alignment has come up in a lot of my conversations recently. Whether it’s working with teams, forging partnerships, finding clients, seeking referrals - this little ‘a’ word seems to be on a lot of people’s minds.

I'm not sure it’s necessarily the same as ‘values’, though. Perhaps alignment is more about intuition.

Last month I got to spend a couple of hours with the incredible DJ, music producer and entrepreneur Richie Hawtin. He’s launching a new education project with a partner. It’s substantial, with tons of complexity.

But despite never meeting previously, it only took one initial phone call for the two of them to know they just had to take the plunge together.

Here’s how he explained to me:

“I think life is like that… you know when you meet somebody, whether physically or virtually, by the tone of the voice or the look in the eyes, if you can do something together. And we felt it that day.”

Sounds simple. But not easy. And worth seeking.

P.S. I met Richie to do a deep dive interview on his new project - we covered creativity, education, community building, and more. I'm really proud of how it turned out. Will share it here next week.

A question of alignment

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