Most of the use cases we see for A.I. image generators relate to ‘content’: social media posts, ads, short films. And it’s almost all 2D. But what about places where 3D is critical? Industries like construction, civil engineering, and aerospace? 

‘Text to CAD’ is a new tool from hardware design startup Zoo. The goal is to revolutionize how design teams create 3D components.

Rather than fiddling with heavyweight CAD software to map out a particular piece, you enter a text prompt using regular language (‘a stainless steel gear with 24 teeth and a 1” pipe’). It’ll generate the component in a bunch of formats compatible with all major CAD software tools.

You can also train their model on your data - giving your team a dedicated CAD generator that can create tons of components incredibly quickly.

Sure, this isn’t the eye candy getting all the attention right now.

But it’s a great example of how AI can be used to transform complex workflows - and job specs.

Gears turning: A.I. for 3D CAD design

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