Here’s an early contender for the best acquisition of 2024: productivity software company Notion has acquired calendar app Cron - now known as Notion Calendar. It may not look like much, but I reckon it’s a big deal.

I’ve been using Cron for the past year or so. While it doesn’t seem to ‘do’ a whole lot, there are lots of lovely little features that make it feel seamless and low-stress. And the product’s core value proposition is in making the most of everyone’s most precious resource: time.

Now, you can also integrate everything from Notion - tasks, project timelines, documents, reminders, and so - all in one place. And if, like me, you use Notion every single day, this is a game-changer. It also makes Notion’s business incredibly valuable.

Jim Barksdale of Netscape once said there are “only two ways to make money in business: one is to bundle; the other is unbundle.”

I wonder if Notion’s bundling of Cron is another signal that Google Workspace is getting unbundled (and disrupted)…?

P.S. While the news of Notion Calendar was only made official today, the actual acquisition happened over 18 months ago. Integration (and bundling) doesn’t always happen overnight.

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