It's only February, but this is the coolest thing I’ve seen so far this year. It blends pop culture, education and entertainment - and there’s zero A.I. involved 😄

A YouTube user called 'KeepItCool' has been remixing subplots and character arcs from one of the greatest TV shows of all time - creating completely new episodes in the process.

'The Wire', HBO's ode to the heart and soul of the city of Baltimore, has a vast cast of characters and subplots over its 60 hours of runtime.

KeepItCool extracts noncontiguous scenes from The Wire and remixes them to create short stories focused on a particular character or theme. They call them Scene Remixes. The goal is for someone who hasn't seen the show to “think I am presenting completely unedited episodes”.

I watched five of them over the weekend. They’re brilliant.

But it goes so much further than this one example. This approach can be a game-changer in career skills, education, and for brands. Here's why:

💡 1. Education & Careers

i) Durable skills: This work requires curation, editing, narrative, context, decision making. It’s hugely creative, yet also demand analytical skills too

ii) Proof of work: What a great way to demonstrate your skills. This format beats a one-page CV.

iii) Teaching method: Using pop culture is an excellent way to keep people interested and engaged. And a show like The Wire can teach us about all kinds of topics - from politics to economics

🧱 2) Brand building

i) Deeper connection: some minor characters flit in and out when you watch sequentially. Now, they’re brought to life. Super fans love this

ii) Open up to new audiences: This mini episodes are a perfect entry point to the show and its characters. More depth than a trailer; lighter lift than a full-season commit

iii) Unlock hidden value: these could almost be spin-offs in their own right. And it’s worth noting HBO granted permission for the remixes to be up on YouTube. Smart.

Imagine this being part of a school curriculum, a company onboarding, or a brand activation...

I reckon the future of both brands and education is in creating products and environments that put remixing front and centre.

Which TV shows and movies would you love to get a #SceneRemix? 


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