Layoffs suck. If you’re being subjected to them, I feel for you. But I can’t help noticing something.

There are some amazing support networks for people being laid off, especially from big companies. There’s solidarity with others who have been impacted, and a growing number of useful resources.

These are all wonderful things.

Yet there’s a whole load of other people suffering in silence. They have no severance packages, and a lot of them face a scary lack of runway and momentum.

Many, many freelancers, indie consultants and solopreneurs have had a horrendous past 12 months.

They don’t say much. Because being ‘Open to Work’ can be bad for business. Identities are often deeply interwoven with the work. Long dry spells can feel humiliating.

Yes, many freelancers decided to take their uncertain path. But they didn’t choose for clients to pull back, cut costs to the bone. They didn’t choose for some people to ghost them on projects, or even renege on signed contracts.

Almost every indie person I know is trying to piece it together. They’re going through pivots, repositions, and making tough decisions on where to invest their limited resources. Often alone.

And many are exhausted. 

This slow burn shift is far less dramatic than a layoff, but it still hurts.

Like I say, being out of work is horrible, but not many people notice the indies.

If you’re in the position to do so, take a moment look out for who might be suffering in silence.

Good luck to all - whichever path you’re on.


The unspoken layoffs

The thing no one talks about when it comes to layoffs.

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