Last week, a friend sent me a text asking for a chat. They’re at a career pivot point and seeking some input (I’m mindful to say ‘advice’ as that’s something different).

As is often the way in today’s busy world, we agreed a time a week later for a proper chat.

I was going to leave it at that, but then remembered to make an ask. I texted them a question along the lines of “To help me prep, can you send a few notes on what’s on your mind?”.

This is not something I do often - for two reasons.

First, it makes me feel like one of those chiseled productivity fanatics, squeezing every last drop of efficiency from the rest of humanity in order to fulfill their laser-focused machiavellian desires. Yurgh.

Second, 95% of the times I do make the ask - whether via text, email or carrier pigeon - there’s no response.

However, this friend came back with two voice notes, each about 5 minutes long. I stuck ‘em on 1.5x speed, listened to them both a couple of times, and scribbled some notes (yeah I could have used some AI to help, but whatever.)

It was easy for them to do, easy for me to absorb. Now we have a bunch of things to dig into. And the texture of a voice note - the tone, language, cadence, and... pauses - reveals so much more than an ‘agenda’. 

It's real, natural, and - dare I utter the word - authentic.

Not so bad in a world that's often the opposite.

It's amazing how many work-related meetings manage to be both inefficient and ineffective.

Instead, viva la voz.

Viva la voz

A more effective - and authentic - way to set up a meeting.

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