You can find most of my stuff online for free, but for a more in-depth and focused approach you might want to try out my online courses: Workshop Creator, and Storyweaving.

In:Session - Workshop Creator

Build the skills to design and facilitate educational workshops, courses and programs of all flavors.

Over the past six years I've led over 250 workshops and short courses for a huge range of audiences, across a wide range of topics. This - plus my work at Wavetable - led me to refining a tried and tested approach to designing and delivering these experiences that can be utilized for any type of session. I wanted to share it with you so you can use it in your own projects.

If you want to build your own business around workshops or courses, or just want to refine your skills so you can deliver better experiences for your audience, the In:Session Workshop Creator course would be perfect for you.

There are options to suit all time commitments and budgets:

1. Free email course

Get started for free with my 7-day email course.

2. Self-Paced Course

Learn more about the self-paced course.

3. Skillshare

Skillshare is a great platform for learning all kinds of stuff, and you can get a free trial too (marvelous).

I'm creating two bitesize, express versions of the self-paced course: one focused on Design and Development; the other on Facilitation & Performance. These are being released very soon  - pop your email address in below and I'll give you a shout the moment they go live.

4. Live Experience

Me and the team at Wavetable run an 8-week live cohort-based version of the course. Add your email below to get notified when the next edition opens for enrollment.

5. Work with me 1:1

If 1:1 partnership is more up your street, I offer coaching packages to design and develop your workshop or program. We’ll partner up to design, sculpt and refine every aspect of your project.

Learn more about coaching and co-development >


The best stories are like magic. But being able to tell a great story feels like a skill that's only available to magicians and wizards. However, this is one story we tell ourselves that just isn’t true.

Developing your own storytelling wizardry is enormously valuable.

This course is currently in development - I'm really excited to share it.

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