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In a world that’s now full of influencers, thought leaders and keynote speakers, how do you know who’s worth paying your attention, or your money, to?

What sets the best education experiences apart from the rest?

And how do you know if your new business idea is worth pursuing?

Today on Tickets we delve into the answers to these questions and much more with Rob Fitzpatrick.

Rob has been working in entrepreneurship and education for over 10 years as a founder, author and educator.

His first book ‘The Mom Test’ has become a staple of the startup world, and next up is ‘The Workshop Survival Guide’ – debunking many of the myths about experiential learning, and giving a helping hand to those wanting to deliver workshops that…work.

In this episode we also talk about Silicon Valley accelerator programs, the importance of design in education, and the hidden reasons behind getting hired.

Episode Overview

05:00 Getting things right (and wrong) in the Y Combinator accelerator program

10:00 From boardrooms to warehouses – bootstrapping a new venture

15:00 Writing: from 0 to 100

21:00 Being aware of the trade offs in entrepreneurship

25:00 The best ways to get started with building entrepreneurial skills

33:00 Best practices for workshop design

41:00 In a world full of business thought leaders, who’s worth reading, and who’s worth hiring?

47:00 Secrets of getting hired as a workshop teacher

Tickets Podcast: Rob Fitzpatrick on how to create compelling workshops, programs and products

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