Before I left London for New York I got chatting with a sports and media lawyer.

I mentioned my background in the live music industry, and he was fascinated to know more about how live music deals were made.

After telling him a little of what I knew, we discussed where some of those ways of working could be applied into his world. We both enjoyed getting insights into each other’s areas of interest and agreed to keep in touch, but we were both busy – him on a couple of big deals, me on visa applications.

Fast forward a few months and several conversations I’ve been having in my new home of New York have reminded me of that London meeting.

There’s little doubt the definition of a live experience is getting ever broader. As that happens, more white space is appearing between the disciplines, concepts and approaches being applied.

This is exciting, but there are a couple of problems.

  1. Many people creating and producing these experiences don’t have the bandwidth or access to explore these white spaces, join the dots and look at where they could apply adjacent ideas to what they’re doing.
  2. It’s not easy for audiences to develop a better understanding of what goes into bringing these experiences to life.

With both these problems in mind, I’m excited to announce the launch of ‘Tickets‘: a podcast series going behind the scenes with the visionaries, producers, and operators behind some of the world’s most innovative and vital live experiences – from Broadway to boxing, virtual reality to retail.

The first three episodes are now online. Here’s a brief introduction to each of our debut trio of guests.

Adam Morallee: founder of London law firm Brandsmiths, Adam is also a prominent boxing manager with deep expertise in areas such as brand partnerships, content licensing and IP development. (and yes, Adam is the person I had that first conversation with…)

Debs Armstrong: founder of award-winning experiential agency Strong & Co, Debs also co-founded the legendary Shangri-La area at Glastonbury Festival.

Andre Lorenceau: co-founder and CEO of LiveLike VR, Andre and his team are building a new way to make live sports broadcasting more interactive, social and compelling.


New episodes will be released each week and we’ve got some fantastic guests already confirmed.

You can check out Tickets through the following channels – please go ahead and leave a rating and comments.

Apple Podcasts



Our podcast landing page


If you’d like to be a future guest on the show or want to suggest someone who should be, drop me a line.



Introducing 'Tickets': a podcast exploring the world of live experiences

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