Under the Current: a podcast

To be human in the information age is to experience deep-seated tension. We exist in a constant overdose of information. And yet, we’re starving for meaningful engagement. We experience constant pressure to iterate, ideate and innovate. 

Lifting the curtain on other people’s ideas, successes and ideals is one of the most compelling ways to get inspiration, reassurance and momentum for our own creative journeys. Several podcasts seek to do this, but too often they’re straight lines on the surface.

We need something more to help us move through the waves.

Under the Current tells the stories behind the life and work of creative people who come at things in unconventional ways. They’re globetrotting DJs and design studio owners; magazine publishers and marketing professors.

Each episode goes beyond an interview. It’s a slice of life; something real, beyond the PR pitch and the box ticks. It’s a journey into the real drivers of the work:

  • Dealing with the unknown space between projects
  • The tension between creativity and commerce
  • The learnings and people that would have helped most on the journey
  • The hidden superpowers and skill combinations that drive the work forward
  • What changes and evolutions need to happen next in the industry

And much more.