Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

It’s really easy to let our inner critic run riot. 

The negative self-talk, the comparison trap, that nagging feeling of imposter syndrome.

Like arrogance, the inner critic can be useful, but only when used sparingly.

When we work for ourselves as a freelancer, consultant or other kind of independent entity the inner critic can take centre stage way more than we’d like. 

It feels impossible for us to tame it, let alone be able to use it in a way that serves us well.

Here’s a different way of looking at.

If you don’t already, try doing a monthly review.

You can do this on your own or share with a trusted member of your circle. It needn’t take long.

There are a bunch of structures and methods you can use, the easiest being just to freely write down your thoughts on what you noticed happened during the past month.

You’ll see the inner critic appear, no doubt.

Whatever structure you use, just include one extra item: make a nomination for Employee of the Month. 

  • What did this employee do well?
  • How have they progressed?
  • In which ways did they serve others?
  • Where did they go above and beyond?
  • What is it about this employee that the boss should notice more? 
  • What else can the boss do to support them in continuing this progress?
  • And what’s the prize for this month’s nominated employee?

One of Seth Godin’s most popular blog posts is entitled ‘The World’s Worst Boss’.

He’s absolutely right, the answer is you.

But you’re also Employee of the Month.

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