The arcade of the multiple mirrors

The arcade of the multiple mirrors

Let’s take a trip to a theme park.

This theme park is expansive, multi-layered, and stretches out as far as the eye can see.

It’s the landscape of our work life: our careers, ventures and dreams.

There are so many paths to take and colourful places to visit:  opportunities for exhilaration, joy, lifelong partnership, and even love.

But take the wrong path and you may end up bored, frustrated, lost. And certain routes instil fear, or even paralysing terror.

Of all the rides, attractions, fuelling stations and other points of interest, there’s one place you’ll have to pass through.

The arcade of multiple mirrors.

It intersects the route of many paths –  especially those that lead to the most exciting and tantalising places.

This place is unlike the hall of mirrors at a regular fairground. It’s where those who enter are faced with overwhelm, a seemingly unassailable twisting, upward curve.

You feel unequipped, uncertain; your boldness waivers.

At every angle there are distorting and contorting mirrors.

You have to look deep into the eyes of your inner critic, the mocking crowd, the traps of comparison, and the cowering imposter.

It’s where you start to see the masks of the personas you wear, the cloaks of the false facades.

You try to focus ahead through the noise, the temptation, the isolation. The urge to turn and run is strong.

Yet this place can be magical: make it through and you’ll see and understand yourself in a whole new way.

You’ll depart fully equipped inside and out for whichever paths you choose to take. But it’s an arduous journey, not for the faint of heart.

You may be about to enter for the first time, have just stepped foot inside, or perhaps you’ve been here once before.

You can choose to enter this arcade alone, or select a guide to walk with you.

The guide posesses one true mirror and a set of lenses for you to view yourself, the choices you make, and the path ahead.

They’ll walk alongside you, step by step – but the route, the choices, and the hard work are solely down to you.


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