The value of the introduction when you’re running workshops, leading a class, or doing most types of speaking to an audience

Skip your introduction and something happens.

At least some of your audience will sense something’s out of kilter.

Perhaps you have a name tag, or said hello to some of them at the door. Maybe they saw you on the marketing materials.

You could assume they already know who you are. 

Even if they do, the intro still matters. It sets the scene, reminds them, says there’s another human at the front of the room.

Do the intro. 

It doesn’t need to be long. In fact it usually shouldn’t. 

Just stick to the essentials: who you are; why this matters; why you’re the person to be guiding them on this journey.

Don’t worry about the icebreakers, the interactions, the long and winding stories.

It’s not they don’t matter, but throw them out there without the intro and they’re almost worthless.

Do your intro. They need to know you.

Talking to Humans: No intro, no get-go

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