Co-Founder Conflict: NFI?

Co-Founder Conflict: NFI?

I met up with my friend Gillian yesterday.

Like me, she’s perhaps a frustrated introvert – very comfortable being out there in front of a room, but less keen on being the in-your-face face of a brand.

As we chatted about the shift from contractor/freelancer to entrepreneur, and being front of house vs. behind the scenes, she suggested this little thought experiment which she’s used when working with co-founding teams.

“If Time (or whichever magazine is most prominent/prestigious in your world) called and said they wanted your co-founder on the cover, but not you, how would you feel?”

It’s worth asking this one twice.

“How would you really feel?”

Or how about this: you’re at an awards ceremony.

It’s top of the tree; the Oscars for your industry (perhaps it is the Oscars; ’tis the season, after all). 

Your company is being honoured with a top award. However, again they just want your co-founder.

You have to sit on your own at the back of the room. Maybe you’re even NFI.

How would you feel?

How would you really feel?

How would hope you co-founder would act?

And how do you think they would really act?

How would they act when you’re not in the room? When you’re NFI?

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