“Don’t care what anyone else thinks about you.”


But looking through the lens of others can sharpen up our own view.

What do they see that I don’t? 

How do they explain what I do if someone asks? 

What would they omit that I’d like them to include, or add that I wouldn’t expect them to?

Of course, too much of this and we end up chasing shadows, or contorting ourselves into a dislocated version of who we may seek to be.

But using the different lenses to get clarity? Not a bad idea at all.

Here’s one thing to help with focus:

“How do they describe me to others?”

Go on, ask them. Get the mirror turned back around

The gap between what they say now, and what we want them to – that’s a space for us take a closer look at, and get some frames to match.

(Pair this with ‘Life’s a Pitch’)

Frames and Lenses

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