For a long time, this kind of automation was incredibly expensive and complex to set up.

Then, for most companies, it got affordable.

Now, in a Zoom world, it’s incredibly easy for anyone with an account.

But very few of us choose to hit record: whether we’re at a multinational company; part of a small business; or working independently.

We should.

Because what we call ‘quality’ has been redefined. With the challenges of a global pandemic, it’s had to. But for a lot of us, it’s hard to pin down what that new definition really is.

And none of us got advance training on how to work and live in this new paradigm, so knowing what training we need is tough to figure out.

To make it a little better for ourselves and the others, it’s probably worth hitting record (with permission, of course).

“This call may be recorded for quality & training purposes”

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