Everyone says you’ve got to find your edge. Seek out your competitive advantage.

Maybe that’s not what’s lacking.

You’ve already got your edge. It’s innate. Unique. Sharp and incisive.

But it’s been dulled.

The edge gets rubbed away by fear. The comfort of conforming. Regression to the mean.

Of course it has.

The edge is scary. Sharp. It reflects the light. It exposes us. 

Our edge can cut through the noise, but it can also cut us deep.

The edge is our personality. Our unique color combination. We can place it on something dull and flat and suddenly it’s sharp and angular.

It’s all too easy to let the edge be smoothed away. To follow what the others say. To take the steps of those who came just before.

But they don’t know about your edge. Their advice is well meaning, but it may blunt you.

They say find your edge. 

No need. Just remember it.

Finding your edge

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