A lot of people are struggling in their work right now. Most don’t want to talk about it. But talk we must.

I’ve spoken to a bunch of freelancers, indie consultants, and company owners recently.  It is rough, weird, bumpy, scary out there. Even solid, established businesses are hurting.

I have a hunch that much of the anguish comes from a sense of inertia.

Inertia is underrated in its awfulness. In some ways it’s worse than rejection. Inertia is no signal. Sometimes there’s not even noise. No feedback, no inputs. A windowless echo chamber, population: you.

Inertia makes navigation nigh-on impossible. 500 doors to open, but you can’t try them all. Decision making becomes difficult, your resources get stretched.

Over time, inertia gets heavier - a hulking great thing you just can’t manoeuvre. Before long, fatigue sets in. And then, the panic.

Inertia - and its effects - is not talked about enough.

Not talking about it makes it worse. And so the spiral continues.

One thing that seems to help is Momentum.

Motion. Impetus.

A lot of us seek clients or customers as momentum. Of course we do.

But I wonder if Momentum can also come from smaller units:

  • Generous feedback (not the same as advice, btw).
  • “Yes, and…!” moments
  • Shipping. Publishing

Some kind of positive trigger that pushes you onwards.

Create it. Foster it. Hack it. On your own, with one person, with many.

The smaller, the better. Find the smallest of small wins.

It doesn’t need to be much. Just gain momentum.

Now, I understand this won’t make you whole, or cover your mortgage payment this month.

But momentum can change your state, your velocity, your direction. It may change the game.

If you’re in the struggle of inertia, seek out momentum.

Please do share where you’ve found momentum, no matter how small. I guarantee you it’ll help someone else.

P.S. Am I writing this to myself as well as you? You know the answer.

Overcoming Inertia

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