Can someone please ban this phrase?

“Ups and downs” is about as descriptive as saying New York is a place or Usain Bolt can run.

This isn’t a gentle slope, a perfectly formed hill to you amble up before coasting down with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face, knowing all is safe and well.

No. The down is deep, dark  horribleness. Questioning everything. Wondering WHY. AM. I. DOING. THIS. No one cares. Actually, they all hate me. Getting eaten alive by resistance, terror, isolation.

And the up? All the pieces slide together. You’re untethered, levitating. One toe brushes the ground while you float in a technicolor flow state groove. Ride the rush. This is IT. It’s happening. You’re taking flight. Time disappears.

The tension is flipping between the two - often multiple times per day. Staying centered, seeking the magic rush of the up while knowing the down is going to come again.

So, no, I’m not too sure about “the ups and downs of entrepreneurship”.

Or is it just me?

"The ups and downs of entrepreneurship"

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