Which skills are going to withstand A.I. disruption? One I’m betting on is curation.

Curation is ‘the selection, organization, care, and presentation of works to be shared’.

A.I. will likely take the lead with the ‘organization’ part. But the others feel different. A.I. can augment them, but it won’t replace them - especially ‘care’. Care is about understanding humans and their stories, relationships, needs and desires.

Here’s a great example of curation in action. A global collective of professional music supervisors chose their best songs of 2023, and the best of the best were collated by Rollo Grady Music into one wonderful playlist.

Could ‘Discover Weekly’ have created this algorithmically? Maybe. But I’m not convinced.

This playlist has something magical. It’s incredibly diverse, mining all kinds of genres and artists. And it feels like a real slice of life: curated by people who dedicate their careers to seeking out music that pairs beautifully with moving images - tapping into multiple senses and emotions.

And you can bet these music pros also know the human stories behind many of these artists and their work.

Most of us associate curation with this world of arts & culture. But curation is now key in every sector. We’re all going to need more help separating the signal from the noise: selecting, presenting and caring for work that matters.

Do you agree that curator roles will sustain - and even thrive - in a world increasingly driven by A.I.?

Or will we all become hypnotized by the algorithm?

Best Songs of 2023:

Evading A.I. disruption? Look to the Curators & Supervisors

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