A.I. doesn’t need to be big and whizzy. Here’s a lovely example of how it can make day-to-day tasks easier and more intuitive.

You know when you have a bazillion tabs open, or when you download lots of files, and it all gets jumbled up in a confused tangle? Yeah, I don’t know what ‘db_1702744457156.xls’ and ‘Screenshot 2023-12-11 09.57.09’ are either.

Well, the Arc web browser uses A.I. to automatically rename confusing tab and files downloads to something more initiative and human-friendly. It even named this video 

Here’s a video on how it works. (It even renamed the video file to ‘AI Magic Arc Browser’ when I downloaded it… cheeky.)

Btw, I’ve been using Arc for about 3 months now and can’t imagine going back to another browser. It has lots more lovely little features that make life more pleasant.

Small wins with A.I. - filename fun

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