The Portfolio Career Podcast

The Portfolio Career Podcast

Two of things I love most about New York are its pay-it-forward approach and its densely networked nature. 

This combination means it’s possible to meet a lot of interesting people in a short space of time.

Someone I met early on through this combination was David Nebinski.

As we went for walk around the Chelsea part of town, I was struck by David’s positivity, curiosity, and eagerness to connect and support people and communities. He even ended up working alongside my brother as volunteers at conference in Oslo (the power of networks!)

We’ve stayed in touch regularly as we share an interest in the future of careers and also podcast (he’s been working as part of the coaching team on Seth Godin’s Podcast Fellowship project). 

Needless to say, when David sent me a note inviting me to join him as a guest on his Portfolio Career Podcast, I jumped at the chance.

In this episode we chatted about lowercase skills, the microscope and the telescope, the trouble with LinkedIn, picking projects to work on, and of course that NYC combination.

Howard Gray & David Nebinski on The Portfolio Career Podcast >

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