Note: this is an idea I am getting rid of (for the foreseeable at least)

Coaching has exploded in popularity over the past decade. Starting in the world of sports, before being embraced by senior executives in the business world, coaching is now a practice utilized across technology startups, the nonprofit sector, and a broad spectrum of independent creators. 

Yet coaching is still largely misunderstood and often carries a significant stigma. The industry itself is largely unregulated and fragmented. A cursory scroll through Instagram reveals a dizzying array of self-styled coaches specializing in everything from launching a business, to tapping into one’s inner power, becoming a better marketer, or overcoming harassment at work. For the uninitiated, understanding what separates a good coach from a bad one can feel like an overwhelming task.

Despite this, many of the world’s most notable and recognized performers attribute much of their success to the coaches who guide, challenge and champion them.

This disconnect brings up a number of questions:

  • What is it about coaching that’s so effective?
  • What makes coaching different from consulting, mentoring, or therapy?
  • How do styles and methodologies of coaching differ across industries?
  • How can coaching help us fulfil our potential?
  • And does the world need coaches now more than ever?

One way of answering these and many other questions is a book going behind the scenes of success with some of the world’s best coaches. To this writer’s knowledge, it doesn’t yet exist.

An anthology of insights, stories, and ideas, the book would be written as a collection of short interviews, each introduced and narrated by the author. Each interview would be accompanied by a full-page portrait photograph of the coach.

The interviewees are a global array of coaches working with athletes and actors, executives and entrepreneurs, activists and artists.

These are the people who help top performers of all kinds see their potential, reach their peak, rediscover their abilities when all may seem lost, and build successful lives and careers for the long haul.

Some of these coaches are well-known names in their own right, but many more are one step behind the curtain. 

Their knowledge and expertise have largely been hidden from public view – until now.

This book is for anyone who wants to better understand what goes into sustained success, and how the practices of the world’s best coaches can be applied to everyday life.

Interested in this idea? Let me know, I’d love to get your take on it.

Book Request: The Coaches

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