Two types of role model

Two types of role model

When we think about role models, the person or persona we aspire to emulate, our minds will usually go to one of two places: the stand out success; or the person already in our life.

The one close by is relatable and real. We can see the path they’ve trodden, empathise with their emotions.

The stand out success is inspirational for the global impact they’ve made. Perhaps we admire their determination, their ability to scale a company, or abundant creativity.

Why do we tend to focus on one of these? 

Why not both?

Education opportunities are increasingly reflecting this: we have products like Masterclass offering new insight into world beaters’ process; and peer groups and accelerator programs allowing us focused, intimate time with people who are just a couple of paces further along the path.

The main challenges are relevancy and connectivity for the former; and scaleability (both laterally and vertically) for the latter.

But now we can more easily see both types, why not keep them in our field of vision? It’s not easy, but having two points of reference helps us avoid both under and overshooting.

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