Whether you work independently, are building a venture as an entrepreneur, or are developing skills in management and leadership within a company, it can be invaluable to have a neutral, experienced, and invested third party to talk things through with.

I’m a certified professional coach with a focus on helping people level up and navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with modern work life. I help my clients develop the skills, relationships, balance, and careers we’re all seeking to build in today’s exciting – and sometimes confusing – world.

On this page, you can learn more about how coaching can benefit you, my approach, and whether we could be a good fit to work together.

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Wondering what all this is about? Here are some good places to start.

  • Take a look at my FAQ page – it explains what coaching is as a discipline, reasons to work with a coach, and also what coaching is not about
  • Read some of my articles on coaching (this is a good start point)
  • Ask me a question via email
  • Book a 20-minute call with me (it's free of charge - no strings)

Who I work with

I specialize in coaching with entrepreneurs, executives, and independent talent in today’s creative & digital industries.

My clients are typically:

  • Founders of early-stage or rapid-growth companies
  • Growing into executive/leadership roles within larger organizations
  • Established independent freelancers, solopreneurs, or creative talent

The people I work with range from tech startup founders to advertising creatives; international DJs to record label executives; brand strategists to music supervisors.

I choose to focus on modern work life for two main reasons:

  • I know first-hand how much our identity can be shaped by our work – both positively and negatively
  • I believe it’s possible to utilize our work to help fulfill our potential across all aspects of our lives

What you’ll get

Coaching with me enables you to step into the right positions to maximize your potential in today’s fast-paced, exciting, and sometimes confusing world.

Working together can help you to:

  • regularly hit peak performance levels in your work
  • set and achieve clear goals
  • better understand yourself and your peers
  • increase your confidence and step out of imposter syndrome
  • overcome the overwhelm
  • find new ways to solve challenges
  • get unstuck when the wheels are spinning
  • build leadership skills
  • make better decisions
  • maintain focus and increase clarity

Thanks to a wealth of digital communication methods I’m able to coach with you no matter where you are in the world.

To fully invest myself into each client’s success I work only with a small number of people at one time.

What makes me different

You may be thinking there are plenty of coaches out there – and you’d be right.

There are a few things that make me different – and while each one individually isn’t necessarily unique, the sum of these parts gives me a perspective and vantage point that I can utilize to help my clients do great things.


  • I’ve been an entrepreneur, a manager, freelance, consultant, employed, unemployed. Mentor, mentee, intern, CEO, and most other things in between
  • I’ve struggled. I’ve felt the pain getting a company off the ground; hitting a plateau and a ceiling; not getting promoted; experiencing tension with new bosses; working out how to manage difficult team members; battling my own creative resistance; and feeling the weight of the dark clouds. I definitely wear a few battle scars
  • I’ve been through a number of career transitions (roles, industries, cities, countries, cultures) and have had to reposition and rethink things more than once


  • A lot of coaches don’t have any formal qualifications. That’s not necessarily a red flag, but I feel the nature of this very personal and trusting work demands both solid foundations and ongoing professional development
  • With that in mind, I’m internationally certified as a professional coach via the Coaching For Transformation program at Leadership That Works in New York City. The program and school is accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • I design and teach workshops and classes for everyone from 5-year-old kids to Fortune 100 C-suite. Doing this work has taught me a lot about listening, knowledge sharing, timing, facilitation, personalization, and a number of other skills that hugely aid my abilities as a coach


  • Over my career I’ve collected lots of advice, quotes, techniques, frameworks and other useful morsels. These resources have become a treasure trove for my coaching clients to access
  • I write regularly about coaching, entrepreneurship, and building careers


  • I only work with a handful of clients at any time
  • I have a specialized focus on established talent working in the creative & digital industries


  • My coaching style is practical, future-facing, supportive yet also ready to challenge, with a focus on action and accountability
  • I’m particularly strong at connecting dots, reframing, utilizing imagery and metaphor, and seeing multiple angles to situations


Here are some of the things people have said about the work we’ve done together. More coming soon.

I started working with Howard during a period where I was dealing with a whole new context and a lot of questions I was trying to work through. I started slightly skeptical about using a coach, but through Howard’s great balance, poise and wisdom, I felt quite safe in exploring these challenges.

Howard is great at asking the right questions in the right way, enabling me to talk my way through issues and nudging me through to these ‘aha’ realisations.

I’ve uncovered and discovered new things, changed thinking and realised that in fact the root of some of my challenges and questions originated from somewhere I did not expect.

Breaking down my next steps into easy manageable accountable actions hugely simplified what was overwhelming before.

– Innovation Consultant, Amsterdam

How we can work together

You’ve read this far – maybe we’re a good fit to work together.

If you think we could be a good fit to work together, please send me a message and we can set up a time to talk.