I’m a professional coach helping people build successful and fulfilling careers.

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs, independents, and executives in the creative & digital industries who are navigating a career pivot or building out a new venture, team or role.

On this page, you can learn more about how coaching can benefit you, my approach, and whether we could be a good fit to work together.

Who I work with

I specialize in working with people in the creative & digital economy. My clients tend to be:

  • Established independent freelancers, solopreneurs, or creative talent
  • Founders of early-stage or rapid-growth companies
  • Growing into executive/leadership roles within established businesses
  • Making a career transition

I choose to focus on modern work life and career development for two main reasons:

  • I know first-hand how much our identity can be shaped by our work
  • I believe it’s possible to utilize our work to help fulfill our potential across all aspects of our lives

What you’ll get

Coaching with me helps you to:

  • set and achieve clear goals
  • define and find success on your own terms
  • increase your confidence
  • better understand yourself and your peers
  • build leadership skills
  • find new ways to overcome challenges
  • get unstuck
  • maintain focus and increase clarity
  • step into the right positions to maximize your potential in today’s fast-paced, exciting, and sometimes confusing world

Thanks to a wealth of digital communication methods I work with people from across the globe as well as in my home location of New York City.

To find out more about coaching more broadly:

Press the button below to chat about working together, or read on to find out more.

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What I don’t do

Occasionally I work with clients in industries and circumstances other than those mentioned above, but I prefer to specialize.

I also only work with clients who are prepared to invest into their own growth and development, approach the coaching partnership with a growth mindset, and are ready to put in the time and effort to work towards the goals they set out.

To fully invest myself into each client’s success I work only with a small number of people at one time.

If your needs fall outside of the remit outlined above I do still encourage you to get in touch as I’m happy to recommend you some other excellent coaches to connect with.

Why I do this

I’ve been doing this work for almost as long as I can remember, starting with coaching my brother’s football (soccer) team when I was 13.

It’s followed me throughout my career: the greatest pride I took from being a company founder was being able to provide a platform for a group of talented people to build their creative careers. I still love being able to cheer them on from the sidelines today.

But frankly I used to think the concept of ‘coaching’ was a bit weird – why would anyone need this outside of a sports team?

As I adopted more of a growth mindset in various areas of my life I realized there were so many things to explore and learn – about the world, about other people, and about myself.

I started to look at all the things I didn’t know rather than what I did.

Coupling that curiosity with an interest in what enabled successful people to do what they did led me towards what I do now (and yup you guessed it, a significant factor for nearly all these people was coaching).

Over the past 3 years, I’ve more formally built my skill set in this field via lots of facilitation, mentoring, learning design, and creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

I’ve also experienced the successes, failures and valuable learnings that inevitably come with putting yourself out there and doing something new, so I’m well positioned to work with clients who are entrepreneurs or growing into leadership positions.

What makes me different

You may be thinking there are plenty of coaches out there – and you’d be right.

There are a few things that make me different – and while each one individually isn’t necessarily unique, the sum of these parts gives me a perspective and vantage point that I can utilize to help my clients do great things.


  • I’ve been an entrepreneur, a manager, freelance, consulting, employed, unemployed, mentor, mentee. Tea boy, CEO, and most other things in between
  • I’ve struggled. I’ve felt pain getting a company off the ground, hitting a plateau and a ceiling, not getting promoted, experiencing tension with new bosses, working out how to manage difficult team members. I definitely wear a few battle scars
  • I’ve been through a bunch of career transitions (roles, industries, cities, countries, cultures) and have had to reposition and rethink things more than once
  • Over my career I’ve collected lots of advice, quotes, techniques, frameworks and other useful morsels. I didn’t know exactly where they’d come into play, but it turns out this is a treasure trove for coaching clients to access


  • A lot of coaches don’t have any formal qualifications. That’s not necessarily a red flag, but I feel the nature of this very personal and trusting work demands both solid foundations and ongoing professional development.
  • With that in mind, I’m currently certifying as an international professional coach via the Coaching For Transformation program run by Leadership That Works in New York City.
  • I teach and facilitate workshops and classes for everyone from 5-year-old kids to Fortune 100 C-suite. Doing this work has taught me a lot about listening, knowledge sharing, timing, personalizing, and a number of other skills that hugely aid my abilities as a coach


  • I only work with a handful of clients at any time
  • I have a specialized focus on established talent working in the creative & digital industries


You’ve read this far – maybe we’re a good fit to work together.


You can work with me 1:1 – either remotely, or in-person if you’re based in New York. I usually work on packages that include 6 sessions over a 2-3 month period (plus the complimentary additional services outlined below), but am happy to customize a package depending on your needs.

Company Teams

I offer a blended package for companies that provides your team members with both 1:1 sessions and group circles. Group circles are program-based, experiential, and facilitated, including custom-designed exercises around the specific goals of the group.

Office Hours

It’s important to me that I can work with people from all backgrounds and circumstances, and I recognize that not everyone is in a position to afford a more involved coaching engagement.

With that in mind, I offer heavily discounted Office Hours one day each month. You can book either a 30 or 45-minute session to talk through any topic that may be on your mind.

To apply for the next round of Office Hours, fill out this quick form.

All coaching options (except Office Hours) include:

  • a detailed initial discovery session
  • email follow-ups after each session
  • access to my vault of resources
  • direct access to me via phone, text and email between sessions
  • optional recordings of sessions (for your personal use only)

To find out more, drop me a line and we can set up a time for an initial conversation, completely free of charge and with no obligation.

Further information

There’s plenty about me on this site, but I welcome you to do some more digging on my background, my values and my way of thinking.

I’m happy to provide some references on request.

If you think we could be a good fit to work together, please fill out this brief form and we can set up a time to talk.

I look forward to hearing from you.