8 shifts in the future of learning & education

8 shifts in the future of learning & education

Over the past few weeks (ok, months) I’ve been working on a big article on how fitness and learning are connected. One section looks at the past, present, and future of each. Here’s a bitesize excerpt that looks at how learning & education may evolve in the coming years.

1. 🎓 Classes

Linear templates –> Multiple paces and modes

2. 🎨 Content

Digital textbooks –> Interactive, personalised prototypes

3. 🌎 Talent

Tenured professors –> Globetrotting facilitators

4. 💡 Community

Coffee break small talk –> Diverse peer learning networks

5. 💻 Technology

Serving up files –> Cutting-edge hardware made accessible to all

6. 🏄🏽‍♂️ Location

Mandated schlep –> Actively enrolled, learning in the flow of work & life

7. 👟 Brand

Elite institutions –> On-point, relatable brands as open educators

8. 🥋 Vertical integration

Internship factory pipeline –> Blended apprenticeships

And 1 for luck, relating to Content and Vertical Integration:

⚠️ Hostage video vibe –> 🎥 Hollywood production studio

These areas sum up much of what we’re exploring at Wavetable. If you’re interested in what’s going on in the future of learning, I’d love to chat.