What I'm doing now

What I’m working on right now. What I’m looking for. What I’m currently learning and other things I’m up to…

last updated June 18th, 2023

What I’m working on right now

  1. Building Wavetable - a creative studio and media company blending education and entertainment
  2. Making videos and writing articles on the future of work, creativity, and interesting people building independent businesses

Who I’m seeking

  • Experience designers, game designers, and other creative weirdos who are curious about entrepreneurship and learning

What I’m currently learning

  • How people learn
  • Design and animation

Other things I’m up to…

  • Learning a lot about fatherhood
  • Traveling
  • Playing football
  • Cooking
  • Listening to lots of podcasts
  • Wandering around Fort Greene, Brooklyn

(inspired by Derek Sivers’ ‘NowNowNow‘)