Adventures in the future of learning, entrepreneurship, and creative careers
last updated June 20, 2021.

What I’m working on right now

  1. Building Wavetable - creating new spaces for learning, exploration and discovery
  2. Writing articles and newsletters, and producing videos on modern careers and entrepreneurship. A book is brewing...
  3. Building Fondo - your career GPS

Who I’m looking for

  • Marketers, creators, and product people who are exploring how brand and IP can be brought to life in new ways
  • Experience creators

What I’m currently learning

  • Psychology
  • How people learn
  • Design and animation

Other things I’m up to…

  • Preparing for fatherhood
  • Cooking
  • Listening to lots of podcasts
  • Going back out to the Catskills
  • Wanting to get fit again (kinda)
  • Wandering around Fort Greene, Brooklyn

(inspired by Derek Sivers’ ‘NowNowNow‘)