Howard Gray

👋 Hello, I'm Howard.

I uncover the hidden potential in people and topics. For the last 15 years I’ve been building projects that elevate talent, ideas and experiences.

I’m currently CEO and founder of Wavetable.

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After 10 years building a talent agency, producing parties, and traveling to gigs in Belgrade, Buenos Aires, Beirut, and other places not starting with B, I began to remix information instead of music.

Today, I create environments for learning, exploration, and discovery to happen. I do this through:

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What should you expect from this site?

I share ideas, stories, and resources to inspire and equip you to do work that matters. Topics tend to orbit around indie entrepreneurship, media & entertainment, and career development, but also extend to wherever my interest goes.

What I can promise is you'll get different lenses to see the world, real and relatable stories, inspirations from pop culture, and nothing that takes itself too seriously. I also try to share an honest view of my day-to-day struggles and mistakes (there are many).

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