Hello, my name’s Howard. Thanks for visiting.

Here’s me in 30 seconds:

I’m a venture builder, educator, and coach based in New York City (originally from London)

I believe we all have the potential to do more original, creative and interesting things to further ourselves, the people around us, and the wider world.

My work focuses on three main areas:

  • Education: Providing companies and their workforces with access to tomorrow’s key skills, knowledge and ideas through immersive education experiences
  • Talent Development: Supporting entrepreneurs, executives and independent professionals in their career journeys through coaching, peer groups, and resources
  • Special Projects: working with a range of collaborators to develop new digital and live IP at the intersection of entertainment and education

While most of my time is spent working in the creative and digital economy, my industry experience ranges from youth non-profits through to financial services.

I thrive on making the complex simple, connecting dots, diving into the details, and empowering others to do great work.

Here are a few of the organizations I’ve been working with recently:

Want to learn more? Here’s me in a couple of minutes:

There are 4 main areas that underpin what I’m interested in:

I’m exploring where these areas can be fused, remixed and reimagined.

My eclectic background includes founding and successfully exiting two companies; managing the touring careers of creative artists performing in over 60 countries; working with a range of technology startups across health & fitness, sustainability, and ecommerce; building knowledge sharing systems at a Ministry of Defence technology lab; and promoting raves in the forests of South-East England.

Outside of work some of the things I enjoy include:

  • Boxing (southpaw)
  • Music (techno, post-punk, afrobeat and a lot more – I’m also considering coming out of DJ retirement…let’s see)
  • Football/soccer (centre-back to play, Crystal Palace to watch – both are erratic and unglamorous, but sometimes pretty effective)
  • Traveling (wherever I can)
  • Improv (trying not to be a 3rd rate Larry David)
  • Yoga (frog, on a very good day)
  • Cycling (single speed)
  • Reading (mainly non-fiction plus some Nordic noir)
  • Cooking (from the Gjelina cookbook)

Other (possibly) useful information: I’m a Gemini, INFJ, left-handed, and very tall.

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