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Adventures... explores three key themes:

  1. Entrepreneurial Endeavours: Opportunities and innovations from businesses large and small
  2. Career Fuel: Ideas and resources for more intentional and creative ways of working
  3. Slices of Life: Stories of culture, humans, and the things we do together

There’s always a combination of my own writing and things I’ve curated from others. I mainly share mid-length articles (4-7 minute reads), as well as a handful of podcasts, videos, data visualisations, and other media.

You’ll get an email from me once a month. Very occasionally I’ll send you additional emails, but only when I have something particularly valuable to share.

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As you probably know by now, my name’s Howard.

I believe we all have the potential to go beyond: to do more original, creative and interesting things to further ourselves, the people around us, and the wider world.

Adventures... is one of my contributions towards making that happen.

Here’s my 10 second bio:

  1. I'm founder of Wavetable, a creative learning studio
  2. I live in New York City, but still carry my British accent and passport
  3. I'm left-handed, and very tall

If you want to explore my website, here are a few of my most popular articles:

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