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On the guest list today are Will Prince and Charlie Marshall, principals at Parc Office, a New York based experience design practice.

Blending digital technology with physical environments, Parc’s projects include Google’s Cultural Institute, flagship store design for Adidas, reimagining Le Meridien hotel in Istanbul, and creating a modern day fashion Museum for Gucci in Florence.

Listen on for the duo’s insights into the impact of Instagram, how they assess new technologies, customising experiences for local audiences, and tales of jet-lagged Parisian bar crawls.


Episode overview

09:00 Parc’s founding principles

14:30 Positioning and meeting market needs

21:00 What clients are thinking about today

28:00 Retail strategies

35:00 Innovation and the trough of disillusionment

45:00 Choosing technologies and learning from failure

55:00 Designing for the hospitality industry

62:00 The dive bar experience